Bowling (Coed) at Epiphany Lanes

Bowling (Coed) at Epiphany Lanes

Check out the St. Louis Sports & Social Club Bowling League.

Check out the St. Louis Sports and Social Club Coed Bowling League. It’s casually competitive and a great way to hang out with friends and co-workers, or meet new people in St. Louis!


Registration Includes

Team Registration: $

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Individual Registration: $

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  • To register, please contact Cory Hoffman at 573-421-5449



Basic Information

  • Thursday Night Bowling League
  • Epiphany Lanes in St. Louis
  • Teams consist of 4 players (minimum of 2 females/males)
  • $13/person/week includes shoes
  • League maximum will be 8 teams
  • Minimum of 16 league games (* 2 10 frame games per night)
  • Great food and drink specials during AND after games

*Email for information on individual registration information

Click here for Bowling Rules  Click here for Bowling Schedule & Standings

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