Cornhole Rules

Cornhole Rules

Cornhole Court

Layout: The court consists of two cornhole platforms placed 17 feet apart, with a foul line on either side of the platforms Platforms: Each platform is a 48” x 24” rectangle made of plywood. The hole in the cornhole platform is six inches in diameter and centered nine inches from the top and 12 inches from each side of the cornhole platform edges. Foul Lines: Designated lines that the thrower must stand behind during their toss


All players must be 21 years of age or older. All players must wear the official league shirt, and have paid an entry fee Each team consists of 6 players (3 male, 3 female) Teams can have less than six players, but this is not encouraged by the STLSSC. The more people, the more fun we will all have!! Teams must have a minimum of 1 male and 1 female player to start the match. If after 5 minutes, a team does not have the minimum number of players, the match is considered a forfeit. A $50 forfeit fee will be assessed. (IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FORFEIT SECTION BELOW FOR INFORMATION ON THE FORFEIT FEE) Before the start of the match, each team is divided into 3 pairs, with one male and one female per pair. The three co-ed pairs from one team will play the three co-ed pairs from the opposing team. Teams may change their co-ed pairs from match to match, but not during a game.


A match consists of three individual games between the three co-ed pairs of one team, against the three co-ed pairs of the opposing team. If a team has less than 3 male or female players, then a teammate of that same gender will play in an extra game. Example: If a team has 2 guys, one of the guys will play in two matches If it’s playoffs, and the match goes to a 3rd game, the opposing team will get to pick which player throws. Each game has a 20 minute time limit Wins: To record a win, a team must win at least 2 of the games in a match. If a team wins all three games, they will be given credit for 1.5 wins.

Game Play

Player Positioning: One player from each team is positioned at each cornhole platform. At the start of the game, the home team has the option to throw first or second. Throwing the bag Players may deliver the bean bag from either the left or right foul line as long as they stay behind the foul line during their throw. Game play begins with the first side of opponents alternating bean bag throws until they each have thrown all four bean bags. The score is then calculated (SEE SCORING BELOW). This complete round of throws is called an inning. Then the players on the opposite platform alternate throws in the same manner, and again, the score is calculated. Throw Rotation During The Game: The team that scored in the preceding inning should throw first in the next inning. If neither team scores, the team that threw last in the preceding inning shall throw first in the next inning.


“In the hole” : is a when a bean bag is thrown through the hole in the cornhole platform or otherwise comes to rest inside the cornhole platform (knocked in by another player, etc). “In the Hole” is worth three points “On the Board” : is when a bean bag lands with any portion of the bag on the cornhole platform. “On the Board: is worth one point. Cancellation Scoring: Bean bags “In the Hole” and bean bags “On the Board” thrown by opponents cancel each other out. Only non cancelled bean bags count towards the score. “Bad Bag”: is worth zero points and occurs when: A player crosses the foul line before releasing the bean bag A bean bag contacts the ground before landing on the cornhole platform. ** Bean bag(s) already “On the Board” that are knocked off the platform or into the hole by a “bad bag” must be returned to their original scoring position.** The first team that reaches or exceeds 21 points, or the team leading after the 20 minute time limit, at the completion of an inning wins the game. The winning team does not need to win by two or more points. Games can never end in the middle of an inning. Both teams must throw all of their bags before the score is calculated. If the game is tied at 21 or more at the end of an inning, play continues until one team has a higher score at the end of an inning.

League Standings

As expected, the standings are based on wins and losses. In the event of a tie breaker, the following will be used: (1) Head to head matchup (2) points scored (3) margin of victory


Tee Shirts: All players MUST wear the STLSSC tee shirt for each game. Permitted Alterations: Players may add their names, numbers and other similar personal information to their tee shirt. Player’s additions may not cover the STLSSC logo. All other alterations are not permitted and penalties may apply (see below). Penalty: Players who do not wear the official STLSSC t– shirt will be ineligible for that week’s game. Team members may not exchange tee shirts with other team members. If a player is not listed on the team roster and participates in a game, the team will forfeit the game and must pay a $50 fine. Team with players who violate the alteration guidelines must purchase new STLSSC shirts ($50/shirt), and the offending team will forfeit all games until it has paid for the new shirts


If a team does not have the minimum number of players by 10 minutes after the scheduled game time, a $50 forfeit fine will be assessed. The money will go towards your opponent’s bar tab. If a team contacts the St Louis Sports and Social Club within 24 hours of the scheduled start of the game, a forfeit fine will NOT be assessed. This will allow the opposing team captain to inform his team of the forfeit.


All fines must be paid before your next game. Teams not paying will have 2 points taken off their win total for each week that fine is not paid.

**In the event that something happens that is not covered in the rules, standard bar etiquette applies- figure it out among yourselves, and then buy each other a beer!***

**Remember, we’re all here to have fun**